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for the first time. >> i heard that. how did you do that? >> wendy: they were dlibs. i browned them in the pot and cooked them all day. >> you brown them and braise them all day. >> wendy: two things i said i wouldn't eat on tv and ribs wasn't one of them, fried chicken and watermelon. so if you see me eat ribs today, ribs were not on the wendy won't eat on tv list. >> i would hope you would eat anything i make for you. i would like to be the exception. >> wendy: do you know how to make crow? >> no. you made a joke? >> wendy: i made myself a bet, i may have to eat crow ontv. why are you making this in the oven? >> tell me what happene >> wendy: kim and kanye, i said he would never marry her. i said if they do, i will eat crow. i won't until the73rd day of their marriage and i want someone to come in and prepare it. why are you making this this on top of the stove and not in the o oven? >> they seem very happy together. just so you know. >> wendy: enough about them. >> anyway, so this is the way you do it when you can't do it outside. you want ribs, first blacken them in a pan like this, and th
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1